Way of Being

  1. We extend and celebrate children’s mana by supporting independence and celebrating children’s successes


  1. We engage in respectful and reciprocal relationships with children and their whanau
  2. Manaakitanga means to care for someone’s mana. We demonstrate this caring and generosity through our values, our integrity, providing equity, showing sincerity and trusting relationships.


  1. We demonstrate and encourage the value of compassion and the virtues of wonder, resilience and harmony. By these virtues, we find comfort and strength in each other, be present in the moment and self-regulate through routine times of peacefulness.


Way of Knowing

  1. We strive to be a collaborative and positive learning community.


  1. Wānanga is a place of learning; we provide a place of rich learning that dynamically grows children’s ideas and knowledge through reciprocal communication, and encouraging curiosity and problem solving.


  1. We demonstrate and support the value of hope through our positivity, optimism and the confidence to keep trying until we succeed.


  1. We encourage the virtues of creativity and perceptiveness by allowing space for meaningful learning, engaging in attentive listening and sharing our unique gifts with the world.


Way of Doing

  1. We nurture children’s holistic development and learning through responsive teaching and learning through holistic inquiry


  1. Whanaungatanga is caring and responsive relationships; we build and maintain respectful working relationships with our Karori Kids whanau


  1. Through the virtues of cooperation and unity, we bring our learning community together by working in harmony, standing side by side and valuing the gifts that we bring in order to accomplish great things together.


  1. We inspire tamariki to be tenacious 21st century inquiry learners by supporting and encouraging them to be provocative investigators and explorers.


Way of Positioning

  1. We encourage and support care for our environment through recycling, feeding native birds and gardening with the children.


  1. We facilitate a positive and effective transition to school for children and their whanau.


  1. We respect and celebrate Te Tiriti O Waitangi through our curriculum, our philosophy and teaching practices.


  1. We value and celebrate all cultures within our Karori Kids whanau through parent and community events and participation.


  1. Our tamariki are inspired to be courageous, free exploring and adventurous risk takers who feel a sense of stability in their surroundings and have the opportunity to take time to escape to a quiet, comfortable, safe area.