January 2016
just wanted to say a really big thank you from Jacqui and I to you and your team — you did a fantastic job of teaching and caring for Mark during his time at Karori Kids. Going to Karori Kids has had a huge positive effect on how he socialises with people and his academic abilities and we really appreciate it

July 2015.
Dear Allison and all teachers,

It has been wonderful two and half year for little Charlton staying Karori Kids with you lovely people.

Today we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you have been supporting Charlton. We remember how hard it was when Charlton started with bad eczema and food allergy and language difficulty. But everyone gave love and patience to him, helped us so much. He always tells us that he loves all of you!

Today he moved his step happily to school and we’ll never forget Karori Kids. I’ve spread words to all my friends and families as there are spaces available and I believe you are the best.

Well, we will be back in a few months with little Celia and we believe she will love you too.

Thank you!

Kind regards
Lucy Luo

Karori Kids Rocks!

We are so grateful for the three amazing years and extraordinary education you gave Felicity.
Having had three children in five different preschool services over a decade we feel well qualified to say that Karori Kids is an outstanding centre.

The quality of education and care is second to none. Combined with the wrap-around programme that integrates parents, children, families and teachers together at work and play, Karori Kids achieves a lovely balance for children between all areas of their lives.

Karori Kids is very special. The things we rate most highly:

Incredible teachers who are unfailingly friendly and engaging, inspiring interest as they educate, and always creating a warm and supportive environment. The children feel really at ease with and connected to their teachers which is obvious in the way they talk away avidly or clamour up close for learning and play.

The lovely atmosphere. In several hundred drop offs and pick ups we could count on one hand the number of genuinely upset child moments or unhappiness. Conflict is very rare. Children are calm, happy and engaged in having fun in their play, under the supportive eye of their much-loved teachers.

The awesome educational programme. The children are eager to get to school and so look forward to special events and daily routines. The Thunderbirds programme develops great school readiness and is anticipated as a real rite of passage. The Matariki celebrations, Chinese new year, folk songs, plays, marae visits, zoo trip, Kapa haha and Disney day all generated huge excitement among the children and very special memories for our daughter. And that was just this year!!!

Fun family events. It is lovely to share social events with the children and other families. There is something really special about intergenerational fun. We loved the Star Wars disco, fish and chips nights and charity fundraisers. Lovely to have the occasional parent and teacher social nights too!

Wonderful physical space. Often we arrive to beautiful sun and children pottering outside fully engaged in their unique playhouses and forts; on the climbing frames, slides and swings, in the huge sandpit or on the trikes, carts or other equipment. They are always happily engaged and often it is a struggle to get them to leave – which is a huge credit to Karori Kids. We envy your thriving passion fruit vine, flower beds and vegetable garden too!

Amazing educational activities. Displays and decorations showcase the children’s work and are a source of great pride. The children’s individual reflection books are thoughtfully created in wonderful detail and are a precious record of each child’s learning and development. We loved the stories and insights shared online through the Story park website too.

The Christmas concert. To see two, three and four year olds memorizing song lyrics and singing away at the top of their lungs is incredible and was a huge surprise and highlight for us all each year. It was so exciting to see how much the children loved performing and to hear them enjoying the music for months to come. We would never have believed this was possible in children so young.

And we have to mention the wonderful food. Nourishing meals, and morning and afternoon teas that our daughter loved and was always concerned to miss if picked up too early!

Karori Kids is very very special. It’s a hidden gem, tucked back from the road and nestled into such a lovely section. We are so happy we found you and really want other families and children to be equally as fortunate.

Our children are so precious and we all want the best for them. We knew we could not find a better education for our daughter and we will always be so grateful for the amazing three years you gave her.

Thank you for everything,

Alison and John O’Brien
Gipps Street, Karori

July 2015- thank you so much for the amazing education, care and love you have given Felicity over the last 3 years, as sad as we all are to be leaving, we will always celebrate her amazing time with you and all the gifts you nurtured in her, lots of love, Felicity, alison, John, Tommy and Robbie.

May 2015-Terra had a wonderful journey of fun, learning,growing and getting ready for school with your help, thank you so much for all your wholehearted support-Terra and her family

Emma, Joe, Samuel and Isabella 2013
As busy parents Emma and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for Samuel and Bella, both children have certainly benefited from your care, your love attention and guidance, we believe that under your charge both have received a really solid grounding and that they’re been ready to take their next steps in life
Mette, Darryl, Daniel and Nicholas 2013
To the most amazing preschool teaching team ever! thank you for your hard work in the past years, thank you for all your support and for making Nicholas’ days full of fun and love.
Hoa and huong 2013
We are very grateful for everything you have done for us, and we’re sure we will bring those beautiful memories with us back in our home country-Vietnam. Thank you so much for being with us and give us such a wonderful time in our lifetime being with you!
Danielle and Craig 2013
I remember when we first started looking at daycare centres, we checked out a couple of others before coming across karori kids, Karori kids was the only one where I felt instantly comfortable to leave our child, it has such a warm and homely atmosphere. over the past two years our child has gone from being a quiet introverted little girl to a talkative, social and confident 5 year old, although I know some of this comes with age i know we have Karori kids and all the amazing teachers to thank for helping her come out of her shell. WE will miss you all very much
Alyssa and Va’a December 2012
Thank you for all the love, learning and fun. The way you have embraced our sons interests has amazed my family and I.
Franka and Max Dermann July 2012
thank you for taking care of Isali and preparing her for school over the last 2 1/2 years.
Thanks for all the games, stories, and hugs. thanks for giving her a really good time and a place she loved going too.
Thanks also for all the smiles and kind words.
Andy and Sandy MacPherson April 2012
Thank you for everything you’ve done for Lexi, she has loved her time with you and will miss you all very much
 (as will we)
Jordy and Joseph April 2012
WE would like to thank you for everything you have done for Jazaius over the years, thank you for nurturing, caring and teaching him over the years, you guys have been the best teachers and have cared for Jazaius as if he was your own, thank you for the love and for organising the necessary support  he needed for his development.
Jenni and Aaron Fenemor February 2012
Thanks again for an awesome month for Harry and Molly, I still can’t believe how well Harry and Molly have settled in. It is great to see them so happy and running around the place!! So please we have come to join Karori kids 🙂
Andy and Sandy McPherson February 2012
I would like to to thank you so very much as Lexi (& us) have really enjoyed our time with you and your team. She is so happy everyday & that means so much to us.
Mandy Harrald, March 2011
Karori Kids is a fantastic learning centre for little people.  My twin girls loved going there every day .  The environment is structured yet the children are given the opportunity to express themselves.  You can see by the activities that there is a lot of organisation and preparation that goes into running the centre. There is a loving and  nurturing attitude by the staff  towards the children.  The facilities are always clean and well maintained.  The education they received at the centre definitely prepared them  academically and emotionally for school.  Thank you Allison and staff for making out transition into New Zealand an easier one!
Karen and Alex, February 2011
Our son Hamish joined the Karori Kids family when he was two years old and attended until he started school in February this year.
We were delighted with the experience Hamish had at Karori Kids.  He loved to go in the mornings, he received excellent care and we felt that he was extremely well prepared for school. His success in his first few months at school is a reflection of his time at Karori Kids and the wonderful environment he had as a pre-schooler.
During his time at Karori Kids Hamish developed his artwork, his singing, his interaction with supervisors and other children.  He has made many friends and these friendships are continuing at school.  We feel that the environment at Karori Kids encourages children to develop, particularly as the centre can offer so much that larger centres cannot.  The four-year olds
programme was just what Hamish needed and over his time at the centre he became very fond of the supervisors and other staff.
Hamish is growing up fast, enjoying life and doing very well at school.  Much of this is thanks to his time at Karori Kids.
Cher and David Lai  March 2010
(Written by their daughter Julie)
I love Karori Kids so much and really enjoy the time here. Thank you very much for looking after me and teaching me. I will
miss you all and certainly will come back to visit you sometime Love from Julie.
Christelle and Gregory Fourniol January 2010
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done and all the love and friendship for our family.
You have helped Noemi grow in so many ways. i couldn’t have done it better myself. I am very grateful for knowing you and will never forget you. Christelle.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for Noemi, and for your kindness , all the best Greg.

Rachel and Henry Collingridge, August 2009
Our eldest daughter started at Karori Kids at two years old and continued until she started school earlier this year. She has scores of happy memories of outings and social events. As she grew older she particularly enjoyed the afternoon activity programme for three and four year olds – in fact when we described school to her as “Four-Year Old Activities all day long” she couldn’t wait to start! We are very pleased that she has transitioned so well to school and attribute much of this to the secure and nurturing environment of Karori Kids.She loved the focus on artwork, singing, stories and outdoor play. Every special day (outings, visiting entertainers, child or teacher birthday) was looked forward to tremendously. As were mealtimes, because the food is wonderful.In short, my husband and I have been delighted with Karori Kids and what it has offered our daughter. We always felt that the supervisor and staff had time to talk to us about our child and we appreciated the opportunity to participate in the committee so that we could be part of Karori Kids’ development.

Thank you to supervisors Kathy and Allison and all the wonderful teachers that our daughter has had contact with in the last three years.

We very much look forward to our youngest daughter’s start in 2010!

Greg and Beata, 2009
Thank you for your outstanding and very professional care of our two daughters, Gabriela and Patrycja over the last three years when our daughters attended this child care centre.

Gabi and Pati spent unforgettable time there, having the opportunity to play, learn and grow in a group of very nice children and superb teachers.  The teachers of the centre were always attentive and caring, giving not only professional education but lots of their personal warmth and passion to our children.

I believe that Karori Kids is a wonderful place to develop and educate children and my daughters could not have found a better place to be.  We are very grateful for your enormous support in growing our children together with us.

Please accept our warm appreciation for everything you have done and achieved with Gabi and Pati.

Thomas and Katja Moehlenbrock, November 2008
We’re sorry that Liam has to leave your friendly Preschool.Liam enjoyed the time at Karori Kids very much.  We’ve been happy to see how much he liked to go there.Thank you for everything!